When you choose a piece from our store, it becomes more than just jewelry. It becomes a part of your story, a symbol of love, celebration, or personal achievement. We are honored to play a role in those moments and are grateful for the trust you place in us.

  • How to polish your silver

    Cleaning your silver is quick and easy using a polishing cloth and a polishing cream. Follow the link to see a video with more details!

    How to polish your silver! 
  • How to resize your spoon rings

    All you need to resize your spoon rings at home is a pair of needle nose pliers. Follow the link below to watch an instructional video!

    How to resize your spoon rings at home! 
  • How to find your ring size

    Finding your ring size at home can be done easily with just some string and a ruler. Follow the link below for a guide to finding your ring size!

    How to find your ring size! 

Spoon Rings

Spoon Rings

Handmade spoon rings crafted from antique silverware are a unique and captivating... 


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